RICK DAVY, for over 14 years has successfully run Fashion Week Brooklyn, a product of Davy’s BK Style Foundation. BK Style Foundation is a nonprofit that focuses on building fashion entrepreneurship in the low income community. It’s uniquely Brooklyn counter-programming aims to level the 76 year old largely Manhattan-centric affair.

BRIDGETT ARTISE, owner, author and designer of Born Again Vintage has pioneered Upcycled Fashion into the fashion world since early 2000s with her book BORN AGAIN VINTAGE. She created one of the first sustainable classes at FIT and has been dubbed Vintage Expert by NY Times. Her brand is 100% sustainable and has been from day one!

what it SFW?

This free 6-day event showcased collections from emerging sustainable designers, established sustainable designers and vintage collectors. Unlike your typical Fashion Week, this platform also hosted a virtual sustainable product lounge, sustainable fashion speakers, and more importantly, a platform for individuals from all backgrounds to share their vision of a sustainable fashion future. The show streamed on YouTube Premiere between September 11-16, 2020.


Why sustainable fashion?



The fashion industry is in crisis, partly because of fast fashion and partly over consumption. We are producing at alarming rates and buying at equally alarming rates, what that creates is a recipe for disaster. How and where we make our clothes adds a toxic mix, making the fashion industry 2nd to oil as the most polluting industry!

Sustainable Fashion Week is a necessity to bring awareness to this ongoing problem while providing a platform to emerging sustainable designers that we are in desperate need of.


Where DID it take place?

This 6-day event streamed for FREE via YouTube Premiere between September 11-16, 2020, with the runway shoot taking place in NYC & NJ. 


businesses who care

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Without the support of institutions, corporations, and businesses that understand the need for this platform, we will continue to celebrate an industry that is killing our planet. It is time to engage the masses on what we ALL can do to make Sustainable Fashion our ONLY option.

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