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 2022 CHICAGO 



9/23/2022 - Virtual Zoom Panel 7- 8:30pm

Vintage: The Old New Sustainable Fashion Choice Panel Discussion


In this important panel discussion, we will talk about Vintage Fashion and how it’s been

one of the most sustainable choices for us for a long time and

how a fresh new trend has made it popular again. Is it still the taboo it once

was or our slow fashion hero?

Panelists: Tameka Thompson, Maya Mitkess, Safir Bellai

Moderated by Bridgett Artise

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9/24/2022 - Designer Showcase

LOCATION: 3521 S King Dr.


This is one of the most exciting events of the fashion week where we get

together emerging, student and established sustainable designers to showcase fashion with a meaning. 


Floor 2 – Eldenwa Designs, Rock Maxwell and WSFW Collab

Floor 3 - Rare Matters Jewelry, Zyra Lucille collection and Urban Sewing Society

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9/25/2022 - Swap

1pm - 4pm

scheduled in 30 min slots via eventbrite

LOCATION: 8560 S Cottage Ave


Swap Across America is a touring pop-up, swap meet event that provides the

public with an opportunity to participate and discover Fashion through swapping.

The event see’s swappers drop off items of fashion-relevant clothing and

accessories, art, and other swappable items, and in exchange, select items off the

rail/table/wall, no sale involved.

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